Cherubini’s has been around for years but has recently changed owner. The coffee had always been amazing. A few months ago a coffee roaster was installed so that the coffee could be freshly roasted. When the roaster is on you can smell it all over the place. You have no choice but to follow the fumes and enjoy a beautiful cup of freshly roasted coffee. Cherubini’s has become my regular cafe on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. If anyone asks me where to find the best cuppa in Darlinghurst I will say Cherubini’s.

—MatrixDesigns, Urbanspoon

The coffee is to die for and always reliable. I have been at least twice a week for a few months now and it is yet to disappoint. But the best aspect is the service. The guys are super friendly and cheerful. I can always rely on Cherubini to put a delicious coffee in my hand a smile on my face.

—Neil F, Eatability

Just moved around the corner from this cafe and couldn’t be happier. David who fronts the machine most mornings really knows his stuff and the smell of the beans roasting in his cafe really opens my eyes on the walk to work. Generous food, cheery people and coffee with both guts and sophistication.

—Luko, BeanHunter

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    Thanks for the awesome brekky guys :) You will see me again very soon xx

    Eduardo L.

    fantastic coffee this morning! See you tomorrow.


    I agree to all the above! love this place. try the eggs benedict with bacon!


    You guys seriously make the best coffee in town! Keep doing what you’re doing! :) xx


    The smell of freshly roasted coffee transports me to another world. What a great little hidden secret you are. Love the vibe too – well done on being different and making everything with love

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